To add to the confusion, I have a Husband - Maurice (Mog) - he does not believe in dogs [this may have something to do with the fact that he is a geriatric rock and roll drummer in a band called LAST GASP ] and for years has written a regular Dognostics Corner column in the Irish Canine Press. Some people have asked that I collect all the articles but some over the years have been lost. Here are some of those I have been able to find. I will put up more as and when I can.

He does not consult me before writing these things, or seek my approval afterwards. I therefore take no responsibility for the following, but some of them are unsuitable for people of delicate tastes.        Claire Anne

Thanks to Tony Manning of Terrier fame, the article that started it all has been found, along with another very early one

The Mating of Alice [1980]

Brutus [1980]

Airspec [1993] This is about an Air Display, not dogs.
Dizzy [1993]
Pup of the Year [1994]
Visitors [1994]
Sex in the Open Air [1994]