Updated 2nd September 2014

From Siobhan..........

She maybe crazy but she is my kind of crazy. Maj 1st at fingal in 3-5 agility yesterday. Thank you John Ward.

Got this from Aoife...I am thrilled....Chiz is a lovely dog

hi, so last weekend i brought my papillion Chizler to a show and he actually got to grade 4!! i was not expecting it at all, very happy with my little man he worked really hard!

look what I got sent....wow

Hi Claire Anne, With the success of Harry’s Dad Pipistrelle Creamer’s Dream, I thought it was time to let you have some photos for the website and news.Each year when our agility season has finished and just before the new one starts I take a photograph of our success for the previous year showing any trophies and rosettes for any places that we have achieved and have enclosed one of them.In addition I have enclosed a photo of our very successful time at Adams (Late May) Agility Show and Dartford and Keston Show, a period of a week when we achieved five wins, two seconds, a fourth and numerous clears.We are now Grade 5 having won out at Adams. We entered our first proper Grade 5 Show at Colchester and won the combined Grade 3-5 Agility and have had several places in Jumping as well. We now have 706 points towards his gold agility warrant. We need 800 to obtain that.Also some photos from the last show we did enclosed. Kind Regards Steve and Harry

Siobhan txt 5th October

Pipistrelle Shady Lady aka Princess Fly got two firsts in Agility putting her into grade 4. She says "She ran her little feet off" raaaay

Lots of Agility news........

from Aoife

He got first weeeee

from Siobhan

from Denise

Subject to KC confirmation, Merlin is now known as Pipistrelle Merlin Magic at Kazim AW(g) that is agility warrant gold. He has to gain 800 points to get his gold, 200 of the points must be in agility not jumping. You get 20 points for an agility win 10 points for a jumping win as agility is deemed more difficult than jumping, then it goes down 19 for second 18 for third etc..

from Steve Hickson

Just wanted to let everyone know that HB, Harry Biscuit or just Harry to me has gained enough points for me to apply for his Silver warrant and he won the Graded 1-3 so we will be going Grade 4 whoop whoop. He is like a new Pap. May need to take the grass area from here to every show.

I got this from Steve Hickson...very nice

Claire Anne,

Having just seen that Harry’s Dad has won again, I thought it might be nice to update a little since Dogs In Need Agility Show (DINAS) 2012. Our partnership is going very well with Harry’s form continuing at the rest of our KC competitions in 2012. The very next show to DINAS Harry had 11 runs over four days and was clear in them all producing · 1 first place in Graded Agility 1-3 · 2 second places in Graded Agility 1-3 · 2 second places in Small Jumping 1-2 combined · 1 fifth place in small Jumping 1-3 combined · And the rest were all clear rounds but not in the places. In his first Grade 3 show we got a third place and then clears in the next 12 runs of our remaining runs at several more KC Shows. We are becoming very consistent now. We did a non KC show and got a 3rd and two 4th places. Hopefully this year 2013 we will have a good season as well. I have attached his final run in the Dogs in Need Final, not sure if you will be able to upload or see it.


Here is the link

And a photo of his wins for 2012

Look what Harry got in the post. Well done Steve and Harry.

A note from Denise

Merlins son Trigger won grade 1-4 agility at the agility show in Exeter in August so he is now a grade 4 agility dog, he just needs one more cc to become an English champion in the breed, fingers crossed for that one. Merlin continues to charge around the agility courses, his latest result to date is, he finished 6th in the championship final, only six clear rounds out of 44 entries so well pleased with that. Merlin also won g4-7 agility at a local agility show last weekend and came second in the jumping

. www.dartmoor-animal-photographer.co.uk

what a great photo, from right....Father Pipistrelle Merlin Magic at Kazim and Son to the left Kazim Matador.........they look as if they are flying the flag.

from Siobhan

Shady Lady aka Princess Fly, has now qualified for grade 3 and above agility competitions, having been very successful at the Fingal Dog Show, 25th of August 2012 ( the photo's are of the Fingal dog show) and also at the Dogs Aid Show on the 2nd of September 2012. As you can see by the photographs she is very focused!


A note from Steve Hickson

Just thought I would write and let you know of the success that Pipistrelle High Priority (Harry to me) and I had at this year’s DINAS (Dogs In Need 2012). Competition started on Tuesday 14th August – Harry got a 2nd in Grade 2 Jumping in the morning, followed by a 1st in Grade 2 Agility in the afternoon ensuring that Harry becomes a Grade 3 dog from late September. This gave us 99 DINAS points at the end of the day towards the Final on the Thursday. Wednesday 15th August 2012 we was E’d in the Agility but got a 3rd in the Grade 2 Jumping giving the pair of us another 48 DINAS points as a result we top scored for the final with 147 DINAS points (for our current grades) and got to run last in the Graded 1-2 Small DINAS Final on the Thursday. A photo of Harry in the final and the presentation is on the Pap Group Agility page. I will try and post our final run when I can get hold of it as I believe it was filmed. We got second place missing out on 1st place by 0.94 of a second. I am so please with his progress and he now seems to have found some speed as he gets more confident bearing in mind we have only been training since October 2010 and entering competitions since June 2011. In 14 months we have gone up two Grades. Our first Grade 3 competition will be late September 2012. We got a further second on Saturday 18th August 2012.


Got some photos of Fly and Dimpels with Caitlin doing a great job

Fly first


Then Dimps



Siobhan's little Fly came 3rd in Agility yesterday.....hurrraaayyy. She is sooo tiny

Steve and Harry being presented with the Trophy Just Minis donated by Ms Margy Wigan

This is a photo of Brodie (see below) taken by Alan Score. It won best photo 2011 with Agility Magazine and was on the front cover. Wonderful photo - photographer - Owner - of course, Brodie himself. He is a Grade 3.

Merlin winning SWAT grade 7

Merlin (Pipistrelle Merlin Magic at Kazim) has just won 4-7 Jumping at Lewes agility show and his son (Kazim Matador) won RBOB yesterday, what a great weekend.

Steve Hickson has Pipistrelle High Priority (Harry) he won into Grade 2 by winning a Grade 1 agility.


Brodie belongs to Pauline

(Pipistrelle Royal Flush)

Trigger (Kazim Matador)

Merlins son is 18 months old on Monday and has now been measured and will compete in his first KC agility show on 19th November.

A quick note from Denise (09.10.11) to say "Trigger went well very pleased with him and we now have our Junior Warrant (subject to the KC).We need a few more points for his Show Cert of Merit." Trigger is Grade 3.

Jet (Kazim Piper) Triggers brother and Merlins son, is owned by Liz Hickson, Steve is her father. Jet will also be competing very soon, will keep you posted.

News from Denise

Pipistrelle Merlin Magic at Kazim

Merlin having attained Grade 7 on 09.07.11

Pipistrelle Merlin Magic at Kazim

Owned and trained by Denise Welsh in East Sussex "Merlin started his agility training when he was about six months old and to my surprise he was a natural, he couldn't get enough of the training. Merlin's first competition (non KC) was in December last year (08) where he won the Papillon only agility class by 2 secs. He won his first agility class (beginners agility) by 4 secs. He qualified in the Steeplechase class for the Final held in August. He is at present a senior UKA dog (small). He started competing at Kennel Club shows in March of this year (09) when he was eighteen months old. out of 80 dogs he finished second in his first agility class. In May, he won an agility class beating 114 dogs and putting him into Grade 4. In June he qualified for the Eukanuba Knockout. The Finals will be held at Crufts 2010. On 28th June he won another agility class which put him into Grade 5. In August Merlin won again taking him to Grade 6. He has now gathered over 200 points which gives him the title of Agility Warrant Bronze (to be confirmed by the Kennel Club)."
Written by Denise

Merlin's son Trigger (Kazim Matador) won best puppy at Manchester Ch Show 21.01.11.

If you click here


you can see them through some of their paces